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Our office has been completely renovated and redecorated.  The reception room has new comfortable chairs and furnishings.  The treatment rooms have been refitted with new cabinets, relaxing wallpaper and fresh new floors.  Please come in and enjoy our new look.


We now have our practice computerized and have converted to the digital xray system for your convenience and ours.  The computerization allows us to submit your insurance reimbursement forms more efficiently and rapidly with essentially just "one click" of the computer.  This will speed the return of the insurance payment to you and to us.  The digital xray system has many advantages. Although there was always a very small amount of xray exposure with the regular film type xray systems of old, the new digital system reduces the exposure to approximately one half. In addition, the digital xray system allows us to better visualize the involved area and even has email and printable access for insurance and referral purposes.  We also have digital panoramic xray capacity which allows us to visualize the entire mouth and jaws without needing to place an xray film inside the mouth.  


Many anesthetic options are available for your comfort during treatment.  Of course, local anesthetics are the most popular forms of management.  New local anesthetics are available which provide even deeper, more profound "numbing".  They have been useful for patients who have the experience of inadequate anesthesia (numbing) with some of the older anesthetics.  Prior to anesthetic injections, many patients prefer the application of the "GELPATCH" which numbs the surface area where the injection will penetrate.  In 5 minutes of contact with the tissue, the area is so "numb" that virtually no feeling is noticed as the injection is given.  Nitrous oxide (Sweet Air) is also available for those who prefer its use for dental treatment.  It can be used alone or as a precursor to the dental injection.  In addition to the previously mentioned forms of anesthesia, we also now have arrangements with a certified anesthesiologist who can administer intravenous sedation right in our office for those who feel they need to be asleep for dental care.


Do you feel that your smile could look better?  It is said that “the most important gift we can give to one another is our smile.”  Today, through the use of tooth bleaching, simple veneers and porcelain esthetic smile makeovers, which require very little tooth reduction, you could have the smile of your dreams.  Also, Snap On Smile is now available to enhance one's appearance in an easy and affordable way if the examination proves the patient is a candidate.  Visit the "Smile Gallery" on this website where you can view actual examples of these smile makeovers and call us for a complimentary consultation.


Are you missing one or more teeth?  Dental implants may be the answer to restore your chewing function and enjoyment of food.  They can be placed painlessly with today’s minimally invasive techniques.  Dental implants improve appearance, comfort, speech, confidence, and self-esteem.  They are even more affordable than you may think.  Feel free to call us for further information and a free consultation.


We are proud to offer all of our patients a variety of affordable payment plans to avail them of their needed dental services without postponing treatment.  Often, the postponement will lead to further dental breakdown and end up being even more costly and involved.  Patients with dental insurance may apply the insurance benefit towards the cost of treatment and be responsible for only the small difference.  Of course, we accept Visa and Mastercard.  In addition, we participate in the Care Credit Plan.  Care Credit allows patients to make 12 equal monthly payments without any interest charge at all.  As a courtesy to our patients, our practice pays the interest, in advance, allowing the patient to complete the necessary treatment.  In cases where more than 12 months of payments are necessary to satisfy the balance, a small interest charge is incurred.  We have had a wonderful response to this payment plan and many patients have completed their treatment without further dental breakdown.