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**FACT**25-30 million Americans avoid dentistry due to fear and phobia

**FACT**This avoidance leads to much dental breakdown and feelings of embarrassment
which causes a continuation of the avoidance

**FACT**Dental phobia can be overcome by a process of desensitization using safe and simple techniques


We do not judge our patients.  We understand the embarrassment that goes along with dental avoidance.  Instead, we are sensitive to their fears.  We ask them to explain the areas that cause the most anxiety towards the dental experience.  This interview takes place in a non-threatening
area of our dental office.

Some patients benefit from safe and simple relaxation exercises which reduce anxiety levels.  Others
may require some oral medication or deep sedation which causes relaxation during the first visits.  Upon achieving a rapport, including both comfort and confidence, we then arrange a plan of treatment starting with the least threatening dental procedures and slowly moving along at a pace determined by the patient.  The patient is always given control to stop the procedure at any time necessary,
even if just for a "time-out". 
Dental phobic patients have been very successful at overcoming their problem.  They usually can continue on through their lives receiving dental treatment, whenever necessary, in a comfortable manner. 

We look forward to meeting you and helping you take the first step towards
overcoming this serious problem. 

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